Authenticity Process

Be The Author Of Your Relationship & Live An Authentic life.

our ethos

The authenticity process is a groundbreaking synthesis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychology, and spirituality. While the practice looks like psychotherapy, it utilises the tools of holographic NLP as well as innovations drawn from neuroscience, trivium method, psychology, systemic constellations, and love and Logic parenting


The problem with today's spirituality is that it is exoteric in nature, it is fundamentally flawed with externalising a particular deity, ideology, or Ritual, Which is significantly designed to hold people back from Accurate reception and truth, and is cluttered with dogma. (Greek: δόγμα) meaning literally "that which one thinks is true" The word Esoteric means intended for popular consumption, Likely to be understood by the general public. A common thing or current trend understood by the general public , Relating to the outside world. (Greek - Outer outside externalised.) The word esoteric means Intended to be understood by the few, with those Who have specialised interest In knowledge and wisdom. (Greek Within inside Belong to Inner Circle.) The dark occultists, black sorceress, had, and have created an earthly culture based on externalised Religions that have nothing to do with authentic spirituality, They have their fingers in every aspect of modern-day spirituality, religion, schooling, government, fashion Industries, music and media, and food production, currently controlling the minds of the majority of humanity. At the authenticity process our mission, and vision, who we are and why we exist is to "reverse the trend."

"Truth" is our only way to free Humanity, there is but one true path, that is the path of esoteric spirituality that is in accordance with natural law Which is to be discovered, remembered, and applied. Intention without action is useless, and even worse intention without understanding why, why you are here, why humanity is powerless.

You're invited to attend our next Introductory holographic Workshop

You're invited to attend our next Introductory holographic Workshop