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Our Signature Service -Authentic living

The Authenticity Process is the evolution of human relationships. Essentially an educational hub that incorporates a high level of emotional intellect and awareness into improving the domain of holistic practitioners, health and healing.

Typically the Authenticity process is for high-performance leaders with big hearts,  who are changing the way we have relationships on our planet, thus birthing authenticity into the way we create business's, how we educate, which will greatly impact our future generations.”  

Here are some ways you can begin to work with Jacqueline and Aaron. If you are curious about our work and want to engage in a professional and dynamic relationship with us, please read on

Typically we work with high-performance people who wish to bring about authenticity into their life to improve their most intimate relationships, be in Family, Marriage or the relations in their  Business. 

What are the areas we focus on with our clients?

  • Authentic communication in your personal and Business Relationships.
  • The power of Authentic connections how to create this in your life. 
  • Subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging, and creating glass ceilings of success in your relationships.
  • Looking at patterns you have with creating the clients and employees you want 
  • Transformation in the family soul

With our one on one clients, We often work with them on the transformation of their relationship to themselves, and on developing authenticity from within. As our clients realise that their own limitations become their relationships limitations and that the more that they expand and grow themselves, their relationships do too. So we will often concentrate on their programming and beliefs, their sabotage patterns, Shadows of suppression, and their overall confidence in their most intimate relationships to support them in developing their Authenticity. 

Do we work with couples or patterns around other areas of relationships like my business or company?

Yes! - All is a relationship, we have worked with patterns regarding people's relationships to the team they are with daily, the team you have created around you hold significant value when you can recognise what that connection is about it in a  business partnership, CEO, Boss, employees, Your family, Your lover.  

Our one on one clients can opt to bring us into work within their teams to look into blind spots. Your team are your most intimate connections in your daily life. 

  • Help them to create authentic communication.
  • To identify the current pattern and clear the block that will grow their intimacy and value in both sex and money. 
  • To develop authenticity within their family, that will bring about peace, power and joy.
  • Will allow them to approach their business or role in a NEW authentic manner. 
  • Holographic level change work
  • Family systems work
  • Authenticity process shadow work 

We like to go beyond the technique and get to the root of what the challenges are. Mostly we are empowering our clients to tap into their answers as they hold the key and cure that they need and that we are not here to tell them how to run their life.

What we do is catalyse, and support the process of finding clarity, to find answers from within, and to provide practical advice that can be placed into ACTION.

How do you get started in working with us?

You must first invest $600 for a one and a half hour consultation, where we will discuss where you are and where you want to go. If at the end of the conversation we’re not a match we will refund your money. It’s our way of looking for people that are serious about working together.

If we are a match that money will be recycled into our signature programme.

What types of income does a minimum income requirement for a typical client?

Typically the minimum income required for clients we work with should have an income over six figures. The reason we select these types of clients who generate that level of income is that we'd like to have the resources available to make the changes they are required to make and comply with, to support them in generating what they will need to participate in creating an authentic life.

How does the payment structure work?

You pay for three months upfront, then after that, we go month to month.
Typically we work with clients for years, but the payments work three months upfront.

  • Anything regarding your Team which is your most intimate players in your everyday life EG - Parents or in-laws, kids, money, business, sex, Mistress etc.  
  • We can cover any relationship dynamic leaving nothing unturned and bringing all to authenticity
  • Alignment in relationships.
  • Knowing your unique signature.
  • Issues with Divorce

These are all areas of focus which we’ll get into details individually. Occasionally, on someone on one client that we work with, we would directly work on their communication or observation skills, How conscious they are of knowing when they are in a pattern and behaviour that is out of alignment, and their development of themselves.

It can be challenging to narrow down all the different areas that we work on. Each one on one client has their unique signature; this is why we only take few clients per year. We  Authenticate our coaching approach in a way that will best work the individual.

If you are curious about working together personally with us, please click the button below.


Who This Is For

  • Holistic health coaches and Practitioners with existing business
  • People who want to execute their vision (seed stage)
  • Start up Business in health and healing who want to grow their Vision and mission
  • Those who want to become an integrated coach

What You Will Receive

  • A new approach to working with clients
  • Revamping the health and holistic world
  • Opening the doors to creativity
  • A community and hub to grow your idea or existing holistic business
  • New ideas about your business and how to expand your market
  • Attracting Your Perfect Customer
  • Authenticity with your Custmoers



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