Authenticity Process

The world's most effective growth mentoring for conscious individuals .

Sovereignty as an individual   |    Meaningfulness as a couple   |    Richness in the family 

About Us

Jacqueline Elizabeth and Aaron Daniel are the founders and creators of the
Authenticity Process. Based in Australia, they began their own alchemical process as a couple in 2014
and what they discovered from there relationship they knew they had to share with others, this inspired them to mentor others towards sovereignty as individuals, to have magical meaningful relationships, and to grow a family full of richness.

Jacqueline is trained in NLP, psychotherapy, family constellation work, the
Trivium and personal training. In her years as a personal trainer, motherhood and
studying various modalities of self-improvement work, she has integrated valuable
knowledge and practical tools, and methods that she uses in her work with her clients. In
2018, she launched her Sex & Authenticity Program, where she mentors women through their physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

Aaron is trained in family constellation work, the Trivium and NLP. Dedicated, loyal, and persistent in his family and relationship. This translates to his coaching style, he is able to see patterns and 

Aaron coaches men and parents, respectively. Men and women are distinct from each other, they have different ways of operating , Aaron knows this and is got a knowing how to work with it. The issues men face.

What makes Jacqueline and Aaron especially effective is their personal process.
What they teach is what they live as individuals, as a couple and as parents. The work they
do together has been successful in their personal lives and the effects they have created in
their lives is evidence of their collaborative skills and creativity.


The Authenticity Process is the evolution of human relationships. It is an educational hub that incorporates a high level of emotional intellect, awareness and logic into family life that allows these relationships to evolve and deepen. 

At the core of the Authenticity Process is human relationship and the individual, more specifically, the individual’s relationship with themselves. Throughout our own process, we have understood that true authentic connections require individuals who are on their own process to becoming natural humans; individuals who are able to recognise, understand and process the patterns in their lives, with the intention of reclaiming their individual truth, wisdom and sovereignty.

The Authenticity Process allows individuals, to cultivate the necessary skills and tools that allow them to bring the intimacy back into their lives and their relationships. It is these transferable skills that enable the person to create dynamic and sensual partnerships as well as functional, balanced and healthy family systems.

It is our intention to see individuals, couples and families that have reclaimed both their rights and their freedom and are consistently and consciously Self-Authoring the lives they desire.