Authenticity Process 2.0

Interactive Socratic discussions 

Socratic discussion works best with authentic texts that invite authentic inquiry into the development of resolving poor thinking patterns that lead to cognitive dissonance.

The aim is to synthesize quarrels and brings a resolution to the dispute by utilising higher order thinking, reason and logic. 

A Socratic Circle is not a debate, which involves one student or group to ‘win the argument’. The goal of this activity is to have participants work together to construct meaning and arrive at an answer.

How does it work?
Every month we will host a group dialogue where are pattern/issue will be held on a specific topic, you can request a topic, or we will have one available.

For example.
-Inappropriate workplace relationship.
-Should a therapist be able to work in the field if he/her is attracted to his/her client?
-Is it ok to do something about a past sexual assault between a therapist and patient?
-Should an individual refuse a client if they have an attraction to the client?

You will be given a small powerpoint presentation with the questions you would use to ask a question in a Socratic dialogue, this will allow you to develop your skills and have high standards around relating and communication. 

Time Frame.
Each discussion has no set time length, which mean depending on the topic it may go for 1.5 hours up but no later than 3 hours. You are free to leave when needed and have the flexibility to exit the discussion anytime. 

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions to different participants and answer their questions. This interaction will help you to hone your ability to learn and think holistically.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Sign up for six months ( 6 discussions)

Sign up for six months plus private coaching ( 6 discussions and 6 private session) -$8,500

Sign up for 12 months ( 12 discussions) 

Sign up for 12 months with private coaching ( 12 discussion and 12 private sessions) -$17,000.