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High performance coach in conscious relationships.

the authentic woman

High performance coach in conscious relationships


Holographic NLP – Cut through the “fast food” New (C)age of false spirituality and get real results with authentic practices! 

A remarkable look into the patterns of your survival programming, Holographic Detective session’s goes into bringing awareness to the holographic (patterns), and how its is effecting your experience. The human part of us wants to experience peace, power and joy, and the human right to feel safe and belong, and NOT continue to experience the worst of situations.Transformational NLP offers a new understanding of how the brain really works. When we understand how our brains work, we can quickly learn to work with and not against ourselves—and change becomes possible. 


If you were raised in an abusive household be it passive or aggressive than your survival program will surely attract to you the abuser. ( we can say most people)

If you grew up in a poor family with false humility,  than your perception of “success” is coded in with being poor.

If you saw your parents arguing all the time than your patterns around love and pain are tied into your sexuality and relationships, thus you attract “painful love” situations.

My intention for the session is to bring awareness to the particular pattern that is causing you your current state of suffering, and rewire your beliefs, thus creating a new experience in the hologram.  

Jacqueline Elizabeth is  trained and certified in psychotherapy,  NLP marin, and family system therapy. Her approach at the authenticity process is to integrate alchemy , psychology and occult wisdom to her clients thus a true form art of healing is established for the client. 

To qualify for the mentorship please book a free consult with JAQ. 


Welcome to the Authentic Woman Workshop. 

I was inspired to teach women the simple and effective method that allows them to connect to the true feminine, after going through and still going through a very authentic process that is to teach women/children how to become free from psychological engineering. 

The intention for the workshop is to assist women in developing a clear understanding of true freedom of what it really means to be an authentic woman and mother.

We will dive into the psyche (soul) of the feminine mind and reverse engineer any false patterns of behaviour that is causing the rise of the false feminine, how she works in every person on our planet in both men and women and children.

How to recognise the attitudes and subtle behaviours that play out in people. 

The workshop will cover subjects related to the opposite gender. 

The workshop will cover subjects related to the opposite gender. 

How to come out of the Alpha and beta programming. (submission/dominate relationship patterns)  

Why men are not stepping into their power, and how you can change this effectively. 

What we need to do as females to step onto our authentic feminine power. 

How to spot who is playing what inauthentic role within the relationship dynamic.

After registration you will have instant access to our community, for private discussion, and live videos.

The workshop will be held on zoom. Looking forward to meeting you.


 New York (USA – New York) Friday, 17 August 2018 at 7:00:00 pm EDT UTC-4 hours Toronto (Canada – Ontario) Friday, 17 August 2018 at 7:00:00 pm EDT UTC-4 hours


London (United Kingdom – England) Saturday, 18 August 2018 at 8:00:00 am BST


High performance coach in human relationships.

“Our work is high-quality detective work which require’s skill to be able to connect to the persistent patterns that currently Holding you back from creating an authentic relationship and life of design.

Aaron Daniel has an extensive range of skill and has help a tone of people move through fears around money, business and limited relationship patterns. 

Aaron came from a very poor family with many issues around co dependancy and lack. His step father ended up in jail and his mother died from cancer. usally this would be a set up for victimhood, yet Aaron saw all these as entanglemnts in the family system, he was successful in rewiring his own system and step into his power, now living a life of authenticity and spontaneity. 
He is creating a life by design, and get paid for it, all while doing that with the love of his life. Aaron is a family man, and Jacqueline and him are soul mates, business parters and the very best of mates, Their relationship is a playground of their authenticity to each other. 
He to can show you how to grow and create a life of authenticity.