High performance coach in conscious living.


High performance coach in conscious living.

Dear Customer

You may have been ignoring the call, being fixed in your old ways. Your life is pretty good, better than most, you run a business or a have a degree and work in a company, or you are considered important in your field of expertise. Your current lifestyle works for you, you can afford the things you want, and have done a great job at proving to everyone Your awesome.

This lifestyle has given you many great things, yet deep in your core something is shifting. The old life ain't working anymore, the approval you get about how you look, and how amazing  your life is is starting to annoy you, your realising that most people are just kind of happy, but it feels inauthentic.  You know there is something more, something beyond what we call life.  You are done with the old ways, you won the game, and now you want the most profound life, you want what most people will never have.

I am going to be so honest, it’s my nature, no testimonial's, no fancy sales page or techniques are going to work, because they are gimmicks you know it. It is because I respect you, my path is to bring you into your authenticity, where together we will  create a relationships. I don't want to work with just anyone, because I respect and  honour myself and the skills I provide.

If you read this, and think its bullshit or weird it’s not for you.

If you read this and it doesn't sound like you, its not for you.

If you read this and are scared but a little excited it’s definitely for you.

And finally if you read this and need to scratch that itch then lets have that conversation.

How it will work?

you can book the session, and if you like the work we will decide to move forward in working together or i’ll refund you the money.

Experience and Qualifications -

Jacqueline Elizabeth is a high-performance individual, She has owned and operated several  business and been Australia highest paid fitness coach in 2012.  However she discovered something more compelling and in her early 30's begin her new career as a coach and consultant in human performance.

 An engineer in human behaviour, she has background in the human psyche and family system therapy.

She has assisted hundreds of people transform their lives and live more authentically. 

Her mission is to assist people break out of the old spiritual and cultures ways, and invent something new. Clearly its not working well for families, if humanity where to see that the old ways of living are working and see the economic system and the spiritual systems they are well past their due date.

The Concerns for humans.

With the uprise of technology and 44% of jobs predicted to be replaced by robotics and AI , We are in for some serious change, although this is going to promise more time and space for families, what they are calling the machine world is in the rise, mars luna projects are set to launch in 2020. The race's responsible for these projects are not interested in assisting humanity, they are a race of land miners and create cities that contribute to mining the minimal resource's we have available to us, thus they are trying to solve problems from an externalised locus of control, therefore creating more problems.

We would predicted to say otherwise that we have the answer to completely restore our energy and planet. Sounds like a sexy pitch that you and you may doubt what I am saying that is because you have forgotten your power, you have no idea how to access that information, hence we must start with the restoring of your energy system and you accessing your memory to the knowledge you already know. 

So what does this mean for humanity and you as a individual?

Job loss is inevitable. University is now the old system, current stats -  64% of university graduates are unable to find work in their field, and or an underpaid. The new education on the rise will be that, that requires high level of consciousness and awareness. This is just the start and we will be sure to post more on our channel. 

Human's make poor decisions that lead to consequences, for most it is because they make these decision from emotion and not from a conscious way if thinking.

What we need is to become fully conscious therefore decision making becomes highly responsive. Its time for human to gain back their power and individuate themselves out of the black white game.

What I will offer you currently?

 Restoring your energy system, thus allowing you to access your authentic self, your true knowledge is powerful. 


High performance coach in human relationships.

"Our work is high-quality detective work which require's skill to be able to connect to the persistent patterns that currently Holding you back from creating an authentic relationship and life of design.

Aaron Daniel has an extensive range of skill and has help a tone of people move through fears around money, business and limited relationship patterns. 

Aaron came from a very poor family with many issues around co dependancy and lack. His step father ended up in jail and his mother died from cancer. usally this would be a set up for victimhood, yet Aaron saw all these as entanglemnts in the family system, he was successful in rewiring his own system and step into his power, now living a life of authenticity and spontaneity. 
He is creating a life by design, and get paid for it, all while doing that with the love of his life. Aaron is a family man, and Jacqueline and him are soul mates, business parters and the very best of mates, Their relationship is a playground of their authenticity to each other. 
He to can show you how to grow and create a life of authenticity.