Healing from the malignant mother – dealing with the Electra complex

Healing from the malignant mother – dealing with the Electra complex (females)

How you see yourself and what type of men you attract is a reflection of the mother/daughter relationship.

A six-week programme consisting of personalised coaching (female to female) that give you confidence in creating lasting meaningful relationships. 

Solving the mystery and injury that happened in the mother/daughter relationship. My goal is to assist women to create healthy boundaries and Consciousness Confident relationships. 

The key benefits you’ll receive 

Lasting relationships with men.

Healthy sexual relationships

A respectful relationship with our daughters.

Empowered friendship with the woman.

Healthy boundaries


Five diagnoses come to mind in the above case:

Psychosis (out of touch with reality)
Impulse Control Disorder (can’t resist the urge)
Anti-Social Personality (no conscience)
Narcissism (entitlement)
Malignant Narcissism. This “hypothetical “personality disorder is not listed in the DSM but has been used by some of the greatest thinkers in the field for many years. It may offer the best explanation.
Some characteristics of Malignant Narcissism:

No conscience or “Super-ego lacunae” (Holes in conscience)
Use of projection (attributing one’s own untoward actions or qualities to another)

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