16. Love, Sex and Dating - Authentic Relationships (MEN)

Jaq interviews G.Bastoli Founder & CEO of Royalle Modelling, coach and spiritual advisor. We talk about online dating, family systems culture, sabotage patterns a lot of other really amazing things that are so necessary to the world today. 9:56 – What are your thoughts on online dating? And have you tried the internet way to find love? 17:16 – What are the top qualities you look for in a woman? What are the red flags that lead to your stop loss, when you say, “I’m done”? 24:58 – How do Family System Dynamics effect one’s romantic relationships? 35:47 – What is the best advice you could give to a woman who is struggling to find a great man or her perfect partner? 46:53 – Have you done shadow work on your sexual programming? If so what did you discover?

15. Twin Flames - Truth, Lies and Hope.

In this podcast Jaq and Anne discuss issues that arise for women regarding their relationship patterns, they discuss the mysteries of twin flame union and the fallacies that keep people stuck in spinning wheels. Mar 1, 2019

14. Is there one true partner, one true love?

The age old question, is there one true partner for me? Also, love and dating from a man’s perspective. Feb 24, 2019

13. Why you shouldn't compromise when you want different things in a relationship.

In this podcast, Jaq and Aaron discuss how to make decisions and the nature of compromise and how developing high levels of reasoning and logical thinking can be highly valuable tools when processing core disagreements in relationships. The key objective is to find the bias because this is the number one reason why bad decisions get made. It doesn’t matter if you have the bias, they do, or both of you, once you remove it you’ll be able to make an objective holistic decision. Feb 13, 2019

12. Getting The Results That You Want

In this podcast, Jaq and Aaron give personal insight into their successes in manifesting their desires both as individuals and as a couple. Jaq and Aaron explain how your family of origin can unconsciously sabotage your best efforts for yourself and how through family constellation work, you can ultimately create the life that you desire. Feb 12, 2019

11. Who Can You Trust?

In this podcast, Jaq and Aaron refine trust and deconstruct its current meaning and conventional use. The conversation offers a perspicuous look at how the process and the trivium can be applied to produce a more truthful and perceptive definition of both words and concepts beyond their simpler interpretations. Schooling is a big topic in this podcast. Feb 5, 2019

10. The Formula To Successful Relationships

Jaq and Aaron share the formula of having a true, meaningful relationship that is all about the development of consciousness of the family dynamic. Jaq and Aaron describe live how to move through a pattern, they show you live by working through a money pattern Aaron has experienced.

9. How Wizardry and Witchcraft is used in Relationship

Manipulation is not always as overt as one would think. In this video, we talk about what inverted wizardry and witchcraft are. Magic per se in it’s purest form is never indented to harm, hurt or manipulate another person. The issues today is that people have been taught to use such techniques to get their way, be it a relationship setting or in our place of work we have been taught to use lies, and deceit. The “SOLUTION” is to be able to work through these archetypes and become wholesome mystic and magicians that provides and sustains our life support systems.

8.How to Create Authentic Relationship

Do you want to experience a more fulfilling, meaningful family and sex life?

7.Transgender and Toxic Masculinity

In recent years, as leftist ideas have spread more rapidly than ever before across the western world, the war on gender- meaning, a war over masculinity and femininity, has ensued.

agenda (noun): an underlying often ideological plan or program

Through the use of covert tactics such as gradualism, and desensitisation, increasingly sinister attacks on the natural have been tinctured into the culture across various mediums; slowly eroding valuable distinctions such as gender, and incrementally destroying meaning overtime.

Jaq and Aaron discuss the transgender agenda and its specific effects on men, relationships and children, and continue to demonstrate how these macrocosmic pathologies’ grass-roots lie within the family system.

With a particular emphasis on the masculine experience and through the use of personal data points, Jaq and Aaron are able to illustrate some of the specific personal and familial vulnerabilities that have made this particular ideology so infectious.

Through covering topics such as maternal archetypes, schooling and psychological trauma- Jaq and Aaron emphasise the role and the value of responsibility, care, and self-defence, especially when parenting, in combatting and neutralising these extensive assaults on the natural.

6.Unparenting Yourself - Going Back to the Beginning

Echoing the subject matter of the previous podcast, Jaq and Aaron take the metaphorical lens and bring the focus back onto the family unit, demonstrating the degree to which each of our psyches is influenced by our relationships to our caregivers, particularly, our primary caregiver: the mother. From perinatal and prenatal psychology to developmental psychology- it has become a truth widely acknowledged within the psychological field and its subsets that the source of neuroses within the individual is parenting; making the family unit the single most important analytical tool in rehabilitating the fragmented Self. ‘You can only tap into… meaning and progression once you have acknowledged the regression…’ – Aaron Jaq and Aaron highlight the significance of returning to the source and identifying the collective issues and patterns that present themselves within the microscopic context of the family as well as the importance of separating oneself from the co-dependent mother and the collective unconscious. ‘Understanding parenting is the most important step for humanity.’- Aaron In restoring this natural order within ourselves, we are able to fulfil our responsibility of care to ourselves as individuals, to our families and our children, and finally to our community and set a powerful precedent for the future and for generations to come

5.The Christmas Spirit - The Santa Clause Effect On Children

Psychologists warn parents about the harmful impact of lying to children about Santa Claus and use of the Christmas tradition as a parenting tool. The Santa clause myth is such an involved lie, such a long lasting one, between parents and children, that if a relationship is vulnerable, this may be the final straw. If parents can lie so convincingly and over such a long time, what else can they lie about? Clinical psychologist Kathy McKay.

4.MK ULTRA, Grooming of young children, transgender and the counterfeit reality.

when the collective replaces the family collectivism (n.) any of several types of social organisation in which the individual is seen as being subordinate to a social collectivity such as a state, a nation, a race, or a social class. (Britannica, 2018) In this podcast, Jaq and Aaron discuss collectivism, or global MK ULTRA, and its various manifestations in the present day. Through the use of a unique data point, Jaq and Aaron are able to demonstrate the specific ways that this collectivist cultural programming has and continues to express itself in day to day life via the hologram. Over time, the culture has replaced the family unit as individuals have sought their basic (and unmet) needs to belong and to be supported through trauma bonded, co-dependent collectivist groups. This is never-the-more-evident than as can be seen within the current socio-political climate with widespread liberalist thinking, the advancements of the LGBTQ and hive mind. Jaq and Aaron highlight the importance of bringing the focus back on the family unit and how this focus, alongside the process, can allow for individual growth, collaboration, ever-deepening relationships, and ultimately- joy.

3.Self defense, Boundaries, and Aligning with what you Want.

In this week’s podcast, Jaq and Aaron speak about self-defence as a counter-measure, as a divine principle and as a natural, lawful right. They discuss the value of integrating the self-defence principle in its three forms and expressions: intellectual self-defence, physical self-defence and energetic self-defence. In grounding this greater concept into the microcosm through the utilisation of personal experiences as data points, Jaq and Aaron are able to illustrate how such a principle can be practically applied in the day to day; not only to defend against what might cause one harm, but also, in order to align with what one truly desires to create and experience.

2.Path of Least Resistance

In this podcast Jaq and Aaron talk about the difference between the easy road “default” behaviours that  may lead to choose the path of least resistance opposed to the road less travelled, generally the road less travelled is more challenging for our soul progression however, it leads to alignment with the natural law. 

1.The Great Journey

In this podcast, Jaq and Aaron speak about some of the insights, tools, and experiences that have led them to build and nurture an authentic and efficient alchemical partnership. Jaq and Aaron explain how the process has worked for them as individuals, as parents and as a couple in enriching them both with meaning and exponentially increasing the quality of their lives.