Authenticity Sessions

Many "new age" practices seem to be a spiritual fast food as if you can quickly train such an attitude without the need for a lengthy preparation. Wisdom doesn't appear because someone is seeking it. It grows out of many fulfilling actions and then simply emerges, easily with out effort. This brings the order back in place.

The Intergrated coach





Getting to the "ROOT CAUSE" is all about the discovery of your authentic self, mastering your sensuality as a coach or practitioner, gives you the cutting edge and skill to take your practice to the next level. 

Having the ability to utilise these skills in everyday life creates radical change for your clients, will improve your business, level of expertise, and intimacy with the people you work with.

Most practitioners look at things from the effect, and not the cause.

Today most practitioners themselves are out of alignment they are operating from co-dependency which is therapeutic and doesn't get the authentic result the client is seeking. 


For example, When a client or coach may be stuck in an identity pattern where they become over responsibility for the client's results causing them to feel overworked and drained. 

being able to be sensual with a client is the KEY to rooting out patterns.

When a Client is unable to integrate an action and change their behaviour. 

These are some of the aspects we cover at the Authenticity Process.

Bring about profound results is our signature at the Authenticity Process.


Some of the issues that you could be facing.

Unable to clear patterns at the causal level. 

Have codependent clients that drain energy

You want to attract your perfect client 

You want to be a highly responsive coach or practitioner 

Your clients have problems with moving anger or frustration 

You find your not integrated, and would like to be a master at what you doHave you lost your sensuality as a practitioner or coach?



 - How to Empower your communication skill for phenomenal results (number one tool and any healthy relationship)

- Understand Presuppositions (things/stories we think are correct, but may not be)

- Learn your Hope structures (survival programming)

- Birth orders, and psychological needs in childhood.

- In-depth look at the SOL (Suffering obligations of love)

- How to Facilitate this work in a relationship (Personal/Parenting/Business)


- The Authenticity Process. (holographic work)

- Pattern recognition.

- Analysing the trigger points.

- Setting up a constellation.

- Family dinner table experience.

- Authentic manifestation (alignment with thoughts/feeling/action)

- Learning the three levels of change

 Capability level change

 Belief level change

 Identity level change - (integrating the ego structure)


The structure of the course is done in a group setting; You will be part of a learning curriculum, that will require the attendance of a weekend for a three-month period.

Part of your learning Process you will be asked to do tasks, and activities.


You will learn how to set a group and facilitate this team with people in your area.

  • Firstly, the class is designed to give participants a solid grounding in the fundamentals of how we work with the Authenticity Process.
  • Secondly, it provides an introduction to some of the more sophisticated understandings and stances which lend increased elegance and depth to work. Students will learn how the orders of love operate and how people become entangled by unconscious rules of family belonging.

And finally, everyone will participate, either as a representative, a facilitator, or both, in many constellations and will, therefore, get to try these tools directly. This means participants will have many opportunities to participate in shifts in other peoples’ system as well as to experience changes their system.




A PDF Authenticity process study book will be emailed to you for research notes; it is recommended that you keep them in a small folder to copy and store files.


We will facilitate the workshop via zoom conference calls. Earphones are essential.




A PDF Authenticity process study book will be emailed to you for research notes; it is recommended that you keep them in a small folder to copy and store files.



  • 2,400 Aud

PRICE $3,500 (AUD) 



All sessions are recorded for marketing purposes, and to sell to those who wish to purchase their session recording. If we use some footage from the groups, we will not use personal information that is sensitive to our members. What we share publicly will only use snippets of material that replicated to others the power of the groups.  All members can choose to opt out any time. We do encourage the groups to keep their session times for the same slot every two weeks due to the power of momentum.  Once payment has been made, please follow the instruction to connect with us, We cannot refund session due to others who would have claimed the spot, if you have skype issues, or you are sick, you can transfer your session to the next available.

We have to say this stuff legally and it’s important to know. We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent the course, and it’s potential to help you. However, we are not clinical psychologist, and give diagnostic treatments, and by law we cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results or earn any money from attending our courses. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy,  focus, goals, partners, promotions, audience, and financial situation. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success, income level, results, or ability to be a successful coach . You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. This is for educational use only and we make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of its contents. Any forward-looking statements outlined in our promotions are simply our opinions, estimates, expectations or forecasts for future potential, and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. As required by law, we can make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or advice presented during our sessions, and we do not offer professional, legal or financial advice. Our only guarantee is that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the program. Under no circumstances will the creators of or experts represented in this program be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. We are not responsible for your actions or the information or actions of any third party that may be part of the contents or promotions of this program. By enrolling and participating at the authenticity process you agree to these statements and agree not to hold our company liable for your results or action.


Private Consultaion


60 min

This is designed for individuals who need clarity about how to navigate their process. We will look at the patterns underlying your beliefs around the situation and what you need to do to move into authenticity.

  • 250 Aud

Hidden Suffering Contracts

Holographic Family Constellation

90 min

Take a peep in the unseen world, were you will access information that is invisible.

We all have uncanny sabotage patterns that keep showing up for us. It is vital that you uncover the hidden family-contracts that keep the dysfunctional patterns replaying. Most are amazed when they realise they can be free from subconsciously inherited suffering, and become the author of their relationships.

Problems with Families

Quite an indictment of the nature that drives human society! This helps us to understand that even the struggles between nations are really only small problems grown great. Two major powers locked in a hot war may seem more complex than neighbours arguing over a backyard fence or a family quarrel, but the causes are essentially the same.

Are there problems in our families? If we make an honest search for the cause, we will find that one or both sides are lusting for something and competing for it. Either abuse of authority or an unwillingness to submit—or both—will be present because one or both sides want something and feel this is the only way to get it.

Since we cannot serve two masters, lust drives us to serve ourselves to get what we desire. The spin-offs will be insensitivity, inattention, lack of cooperation, gluttony, alcoholism, quarrels, adultly and lying. Our children will learn to be disobedient, nervous, selfish, and rowdy.

Nothing will change on earth until individuals are convinced that the solution to the problems begins with them. They first have to work to change themselves before they can begin to expect the community's problems to disappear.

This principle holds true in marriage. If the cause is the same as in individual family quarrels, the solution is also the same. Love, tolerance, kindness, mercy, patience, forgiving, sharing, cooperating, and helping, all done with and through contact with the true Divine God, and the power of spirit activated and used by the individual's this will bring about Authenticity into human relationships.


  • 490 Aud