Sex & AuthentiCITY

The world's finest relationship mentoring for professional women who want to align with their true partner

Sex & AuthentiCITY

The world's finest relationship mentoring for professional women who want to align with their true partner

Your true partner is not
going to be on a dating app!

You have been looking in all the wrong places, spending too much time and energy on trying to build relationships with men which ultimately go nowhere.

Imagine working with a high quality coach who will point you in the right direction, saving you time money and a headache.

How would it feel to know you could find true love way more smoothly then online! AND What if together we could achieve this goal relatively quickly?

Imagine never having to go through the dilemma of too much choice, with little return on your investments, chatting to someone for weeks only to meet him in person and have no chemistry.

What you and your true partner meet without premeditation? What if it was an organic spontaneous process?

That is exactly what the SEX & AUTHENTICITY program offers!

  • Learn the SKILLS and traits that ‘true partners’ have in common.
  • Breakthrough your scarcity programming relating to love and connection.
  •  Re-direct your focus off ‘dating’ as the solution and into a clear roadmap of what you want and need in a relationship.

"Men and Women are different, and women really are driven towards love, connection and safety. It is a primal need but also a soulful desire. Because of social engineering and conditioning women have lost touch with what it means to be female, it has been forgotten. But as you embody your true femininity you will be amazed by what you attract"

Jacqueline Elizabeth

Why Does It WOrk?

Let’s explore how it has worked for others

Sex and authenticity breaks through vicious cycles of unhealthy relationship patterns. Often women who have reached great success in business become pickier about the type of man they want as a partner, therefore relying on others to introduce her to men. The problem is she feels comfortable at after work social gatherings and meetups that are career oriented, there is missed opportunity when we get too comfortable with people like us. 

We were able to give women the direction to drive them towards clarity about what they want. Some members were able to move through their fear of committing because it ‘might be the wrong guy’, while others were able to stop wasting their energy on the wrong guy! Generally people are wired to problem/ solution processes. Dating apps/meetups are a means to and end. The answer is simpler and more attainable than women think. 

How are the members able to grow so quickly?

The members often lacked healthy boundaries with men, which would lead to poor judgment, confusion and at worst long term consequences. 

With mentoring they have been able to learn what healthy boundaries look like, thus able to communicate effectively. 

They have raised their standards, and have clarity around what type of relationship they want, and in the process are aligned with the responsibility to pursue the goal.

They have stop projecting that men are the issue, and started to look within themselves for the reason, thus freeing themselves from unreasonable men.  

They are also able to identify men that were toxic and what type of man was more aligned with their individual mission and vision.

Members are less stressed around privacy issues, professional women have different obligations to uphold and online dating can often compromise their values. 

We suggest you start with a complementary chat with Jacqueline. 

We are not your typical couple, nor do we offer typical relationship advice. We are magicians. In business this is know as alchemy creating something from nothing. In relationship this same alchemy process applies, we turn lead into gold. We are light years ahead of most relationships.

Here Is what you get during the coaching!

1. First we will investigate your current or previous relationships and resolve any unwanted negative patterns that are likely to continue.

2. We are going to get you clarity around what you want regarding  your relationships so the right guy can just show up! 

3. I will share with you the tips, skills and necessities you will need to master your relationship.

4. And lastly you will learn that you can still be true to your individual self without unhealthy attachments, this is the difference between people who fail in relationships,  to those who have a mastered relationship!